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Elsa Ekdahl arbetar med inredningsuppdrag av varierande sort och storlek: privata hem, kontor, butiker, restaurang/café, utställningar och styling. Hon ritar även möbler, produkter och kan hjälpa till att ta fram koncept, set design och platsbyggda detaljer.
Interior design, product design, set design, interior, design, scandinavian design, form, formgivning, möbelformgivning, formgivare, inredning, inredningsarkitekt, arkitekt, färgsättning, kontorsinredning, förpackningsdesign, renovering, husrenovering, lägenhetsrenovering, färgsättningar, materialval, material, hållbart, hållbar design, tidlös design, elle decoration, plaza interiör, residence magazine, stockholm design, stockholm, swedish design, furniture, product, illustration, mönster, foto, styling

Nobel Week Lights

Reflect Behind every Nobel Prize, there are both people and research invisible at the ceremony itself, both historic and contemporary people who have been crucial for the projects to be realized. With Reflect we want to highlight all participants. To move forward in a project requires


Material Goods

Material Goods is a project in glass and metal that examines how fashion can be interpreted, inspire and applied to product and furniture design.   My project is based on experimentation with materials in which I have examined how different techniques and methods inspired by fashion methods


Textile flooring in collaboration with the French carpet company Balsan and the Swedish design agency Dahl Agenturer.   My aim was to create a pattern that works in larger as well as smaller environments. The carpet I created reflects back to where I partially grew up during


Small table made in collaboration with Anne Skoug Obel for Gärsnäs.   Embla with its double surfaces is a new take on the functionality of the occasional table—one surface can be decorated with objects, and one is an ornament in itself.